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“Tony's got this sixth sense about what's buzzing in the tech world. I've snapped up most of his recommendations on new and exciting topics, and let's just say, my tech game has leveled up significantly!”

Erik A.

“Tony is a prolific course creator and he ALWAYS overdelivers! I've been taking courses from him for over a DOZEN years and own 150+ of his courses! Tony and his wife, Kristen are the REAL DEAL! They're honest, with high standards, and BOTH are excellent teachers. They do not just TELL you how to create, they SHOW you every step along the way. I wholeheartedly recommend Tony and Kristen's classes to ANYONE!”

Val P.

“Throughout my academic journey, I have encountered numerous educators, but Tony Laidig has left a significant impression on me. He is profoundly knowledgeable, skilled, and caring, showcasing exceptional proficiency in a wide range of subjects. Tony's mastery of the content, coupled with his ability to make complex ideas accessible and interesting, is extraordinary. He creates a learning environment where students are continually challenged, inspired, and motivated.”

Tom S.

“It's hard for me NOT to invest in Tony's courses. He teaches the creative things I want to learn about and the different software that helps us create. He does the hours of testing so that we don't have to, and makes learning fun and interesting. Sometimes in live teaching, things don't go perfectly. He shows that, too. He's shown me that even if I can't do art in the traditional way, I can still do it. Thank you, Tony!”

Leslie C.

“Tony Laidig is one of the best teachers I've had the privilege of hearing. He has an easy-going style that is relatable to everyone and the content that he teaches is done thoroughly and completely. One problem that I've had with other instructors and tutorials is that they have a prewritten and practiced script so that the presentation goes exactly perfectly, however, that doesn't happen in real life. That is where Tony really shines in my opinion. He will do demonstrations of techniques that are completely unrehearsed. In that type of approach, errors occur and mistakes are made, just like they do in real life. He will then guide you through how to fix those when they happen. I've purchased more courses from Tony than every other course, combined!”

Lonn H.

“Totally trustworthy & reliably at the forefront! Leading the way for us all to keep up with the changes in the landscape of illustration & Storytelling, he is unique & impressive. I find myself recommending him & his trainings to other online educators as well as those I "meet" on the hundreds of art related FB groups, at least twice weekly. Anyway I will never leave his group or become disinterested in anything Tony provides, because it is always incredibly valuable & interesting. To say I am a lifelong Fan is an understatement!”

Jade C.

“Tony Laidig is one of the few people that has taught me the things I needed to know without charging huge prices and showed me in detail what works and what does not. When I need real knowledge, I choose Tony Laidig! He is always evolving and keeping up with what the current trends are and that is information that I need.”

Christopher D.

“I am a professional illustrator and designer since 1962. I follow and buy Tony Laidig's courses because they are excellent. He provides both the reason and method to complete tasks. Tony is very thorough and interesting, always finding new things to teach about. He scrutinizes all kinds of software programs and reveals the top ones. He is one of the outstanding teachers, storytellers, and creative people worth following.”

Susanne S.

“I first found Tony Laidig when looking for Public Domain material about ten years ago and discovered his expertise in other areas such as book publishing and design. His authentic approach and ability to demonstrate real-life scenarios make his courses stand out and his dedication to answering every question and providing thorough explanations sets him apart. Without Tony's teachings, I wouldn't have been able to turn my long held dreams to create beautiful art into reality. His ability to distill cutting-edge AI knowledge and present it in a creative and actionable manner is exceptional. All Tony's courses have permanent replays of the live training, so you have a resource to go back to forever. I highly recommend Tony's courses to anyone seeking to stay ahead of the curve and achieve success in the digital creative arts world or just for fun and the satisfaction of learning something new.”

Trish F.

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